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Swiss Made by SteelDonut
Ballstretcher high manufacturing precision
Accuracy to 0.01 mm

Clamp with a screw and a guide pin for an incredibly precise finish. Once the two parts assembled, you will feel that the Ballstretcher is made from a single block. Our Parts are not chrome, only the polishing of stainless steel medical (1.4305) gives this superb finish. No more pinching of the skin or any kind of pain that can be caused by models or low mid-range Inner

diameter: 35 mm
Height: 30 mm
Weight: 400 gm
Material: Stainless Steel Medical (1.4305)

Comes with a socket head cap screws and hex key to closing.

Our Ballstretcher are steel weights that are placed on the scrotum between the testicles and penis. The result is a pleasant sensation, as if you had the balls to bull.

Our products are very good. They are manufactured using the robot and then polished by hand.

Our models are in two parts, related to each other by bolts and closed with hexagon socket.

Donut the form is curved cylindrical outside and inside. They thus form a real donut. Its design means that the piece is heavier and gives weight to form a pleasant and successful.

Our Ballstretchers are available in several variants. For all sizes of internal diameter 35 mm.



Here's how to put the weight: Place the two sides open just above the testicles, all around scholarships and assemble them to one another. Depending on the chosen size, weight pulls louder or softer testicles down. The length of the scholarship is also extended (based on weight, duration and frequency of use, it is possible to obtain a sustainable extension).

Particularly interesting for the active partner (or the passive partner) when the weight is increased during intercourse.


       Ballstretcher high precision - medica lInox - Swiss made




2012 NOVAMEDIA.CH - Swiss Made : The Internationally recognized stamp of quality excellence