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I manufacture and distribute the brand "Beslave" under license and in partnership with Novamédia, based in Switzerland.

For sales information, please go directly 

Av. de Vernand-Dessus 3
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne Switzerland

Phone : 0041 21 731 72 30
Fax : 0041 21 731 72 90


For further information, you can send your emails to : 


Hervé Buri, artisan: who am I?

In the 80s, after an apprenticeship as a boilermaker including all operations leading to the production of parts, in metallurgy, my direction is a natural part as a craftsman in the complete development of these unique and different ferrous and non ferrous.

Intellectual background and my manual was forged in the in the industrial, architecture, chemistry, food and decorative.

In the 90s, I achieved a childhood dream, design and manufacture high-end of a complete and unique percussion instrument. (Snare Drummer magazine published in January 2001)

The interest of others to these unique objects, led me to develop a slave unisex bracelet can be worn all day.

A dream, a drawing, a reality.





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